Who is Donna?

Hello and welcome to my Blog, You probably asking yourself right now “Whos is this woman?” , “What is this blog all about” etc. So, as a way of introducing myself, let me answer some of your questions. I am Donna Fry, and I build the Donderis website hoping that I can provide value about landscaping.



I’m a licensed Landscape Architect with over seven years of experience. I am confident in my experience that i can provide a foundation of knowledge to planning and designing. The major aspects that are required to make your home look good and feel good. I use a holistic procedure by taking advantages of my formal professional education in the fields of design, botany, soil science, and horticulture.



I’ve been able to connect my professional job with my passion for creating a unique landscaping blog that is hoping to helps hundreds or thousands of peoples. Now, this blog is for those who want to have a better landscaping and outdoor knowledge, and I won’t sell you anything. That’s right; I made a blog writing something I love, with the bonus of assisting others along the way.


If you believe that your loved ones or friends will benefit from reading some of my posts, then consider sharing some of my posts to others. Remember sharing is caring! The information that they will find on this blog will probably worth their time.



I will be personally writing all the blog post that you will on this site, and I will do my best to post a brief and specific to the topic at hand. If you want additional information about any topic that you will see on my website, then feel free to contact me here.